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you are. i'm martin savage in for randi kaye and victor blackwell. we're following two big stories today on opposite sides of the country. first, the blizzard smacking the northeast with hurricane force winds and bearing some cities in more than 2 feet of snow. and the manhunt underway in southern california. police say chris dorner is armed and dangerous. first, though, let's keep you updated on the massive blizzard. you have to look at how big this storm really is. check out the image from space, nasa is the one that provides this to us. the storm looks like a hurricane. and it's packing winds like a hurricane, 65 miles per hour or more in some places. that wind when you combine it with heavy snow is knocking out power. this morning, more than 650,000 homes and businesses across nine states now have no electricity
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and more than half of those are in massachusetts alone. we now know the storm has claimed at least one person's life. police say someone died in a storm-related crash in poughkeepsie, new york, please be careful if you're out traveling. also the storm has caused more than 1,700 flights to be canceled today. and that number is certainly expected to increase. there will be no flights out of boston's logan until at least sunday. it's a similar story at new york's airports, no flights in or out. and remember as always to check with your airline to verify the status of your flight before you head out. our team of reporters is all over this storm. poppy harlow in providence, rhode island, susan candiotti has been trudging through the snow in boston, and then mary snow in staten island, an area hit by superstorm sandy. first up, poppy harlow. let's get the conditions where you are. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marty. good morning, everyone.
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thank you for joining us on this snowy saturday. the sun has come up, the snow has slowed down, the wind gusts are less freekd than they were all through the night. it was torrential here through the evening. i can see down the block, i couldn't see that in the 5:00 eastern hour. now the issue is, how do you clean up? how do you remove the feet of snow that are here? another big issue, huge concern for rhode island folks is the amount of power outages. right now, we've got 187,000 homes without power. that's a big chunk of the population here in this relatively small state. there's big concern about that. and we knew that going into this storm because the snow was wet, it was heavy, and the warmer temperatures actually made it more difficult because that snow weighed on power lines, weighed on trees and now you've got a lot of people without power, ask that means likely that they don't have heat. and that matters because just about 20 degrees. let's bring in a man who knows very well what they're going to have to do here to come back.
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let's bring in the governor. thank you for joining us at this early hour. your biggest concern was power. >> yes. >> look what's happened. how prepared are you guys? >> we're well-prepared, but we have to make sure that the rhode islanders stay off the streets so we can clear the streets. the critical thing is for people to stay off the streets. that's my message. do not get out on the streets and get stuck. then we can't get the plows in to clear the streets, get the power back on. >> can you give me a sense of the calls you have been getting in terms of people without power? most people will lose heat when they don't have power. you know, it's very cold here still. >> yes, and the forecast is to even drop further this evening. so we have today really to really hustle and try to get as much power on as possible. we all have to do our best, especially with people staying off the roads, that's critical. >> can you give me a sense of what the power provider here is telling you? i'm assuming they're keeping you
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abreast of hour by hour. what are they telling you? how long is it going to take them to get this power back on? are we talking 24 hours? are we talking days? >> we haven't heard yet. i haven't heard an actual time frame. but we're working with them. they're well-prepared. crews coming in to help in anticipation, good preparation. we're ready, now it's time to clear those streets and get these crews to work. >> you along with the governor of massachusetts and connecticut closed i-95 which is atypical, but this is an atypical storm. is i-95 back open yet? >> no, no, absolutely not. we've got to keep people off the roads. >> okay. >> and the travel ban remains in effect. we're calling in guards men that are on some of the onramps. we couldn't get to them. make sure people stay off the roads right now. that's critical. >> talk to me about that. we're seeing that in new york. i think it wasn't as bad as people thought in new york. they got in their cars, headed out, now they're stranded. any idea how many people you
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have stranded at this point. you're calling in the national guard to help them. it's serious, if they run out of gas, they run out of heat in their car. >> many, many onramps. also pushing the wall of snow up against those ramps, people getting turned around, stranded trying to keep their engines running. common sense, stay off the roads. you l might look like the road's good here, but further down the road, you're in deep, deep snow. and that just snarls all of our efforts to get power back on to clear the streets. so common sense, please stay in your homes. >> thank you, appreciate it. a lot of work, thanks for joining us this saturday morning. good to see you, good luck. i want to now take tour viewers to susan candiotti who is in boston. they got hit even harder with snow, 400,000 power outages. how is it looking there this morning? >> reporter: yeah, they really got hammered, that's for sure and it's not over yet. certainly a large part of the storm hit in the overnight
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hours. whereas on friday it was a wet snow and really felt pellets hitting our faces, now it is -- let me show you. it is much more of a powdery snow that you can't make into a snowball, which means we're going to be looking forward to snow drifts. the wind has been picking up and the temperatures have dropped overnight. it was 30, now it's down in the high teens with the windchill factor of one degree. taking a look over here now, poppy, we're going to swing over in this direction. you can see way off in the distance maybe might be too far away, but there's a snowplow at work back there. trying to keep this area clean. and over here is part of boston harbor. you can see how well protected this particular section is. all those boats, they didn't go anywhere. they didn't move them elsewhere, and if you can see how calm that water is, it's like a sheet of glass right now despite the wind gusts that we're getting. so with the power outages, more
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than 400,000 homes and businesses without power, and one of the places that got hit is a nuclear power plant in plymouth, massachusetts. now, the electricity went out at the plant itself, the local fire chief said he did not consider it to be an emergency. the nuclear regulatory commission called it a low-level event and that all systems are all right as far as they're concerned. a backup generator went into effect and is keeping that power plant at least the power plant itself operating. the city of plymouth itself, however, 90% of the homes and businesses are without power. so it is the sun is coming up, it's going to be a very long day for bostonians, but for now, people are staying home and staying off the roads and officials hope it stays that way. poppy, back to you in providence. >> reporter: absolutely, susan. i've been standing out here for
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far too many hours, folks. it's very cold, and there's plenty of snow for a while for you to play in. so don't worry about getting out. i want to take our viewers to the extreme weather center in atlanta to alexandra steele who has an eye on the entire situation. alexandra, what are you seeing? >> good morning, poppy. well, where poppy is, things are going to come to an end. beginning in new york city this morning. so let's just show you what we've seen thus far. hamden, connecticut, in new haven county, 34 inches of snow. madison right along the shoreline on 95, 32 inches, in new jersey, 15, worcester, massachusetts, 10, new haven at 24, islip, 11 inches and in new york city at central park, 8 inches thus far. pretty much, new york is over, it will wind down by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. peak winds, they've been huge, as well. hurricane-force wind gusts. we've seen them in connecticut, in rhode island. also logan, 76 at the airport,
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bedford, 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts. so incredibly strong winds. we are going to see the winds quite that strong anymore, but we will see 40 and 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts even when the snow ends. here's the big picture, it is ending, you can see in the hudson valley, in new york city, western connecticut, it will end from west to east. new york city ending this morning. as we put this in motion, as we head to 9:00, long island still into it. but eastern connecticut, eastern massachusetts, still this morning in through the afternoon. boston will end this afternoon, and then by tonight around 10:00 or so, we'll watch it and in maine, as well. still, though, even though that will end, we'll see these strong winds behind it. these are the wind forecasts throughout this afternoon, you can see 48, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. even though the snow will be over, the winds will be blowing all that snow that is freshly fallen all around.
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martin, we're still going to see incredible wind gusts. we're going to see things begin to calm down. but the good news, the snow will end this morning from west to east and by tonight the matter of cleaning up. >> all i can say, alexandra, thank goodness it's a weekend. >> safe, much safer. >> we'll be checking back with you throughout the morning. >> -- the blizzard, of course, out in california, we've had one and we've had it and you can see i'll show you right here, in big bear lake, the other big story i've been watching is the manhunt and i'll show you where that is. here's big bear lake, about 90 miles east of los angeles and they had blizzard conditions there, as well. things are much better now, drier conditions, 19 degrees, again, windchill at 10, but they did have a foot of snow, those mountains, martin, are about 9,000 feet and the lake itself is about 7,000 feet. >> and you read my mind because that's where we are headed next talking about the snow and talking about the big manhunt that is taking place.
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the search that is on for an ex-cop who allegedly went on a deadly rampage. the manhunt for christopher dorner is our other big story of the day. right now the focus is on the popular resort area big bear lake, home to a lot of woods and cabins where someone could easily hide out. let's go to nick valencia live at lapd headquarters in downtown los angeles. and, nick, what's the latest on the search? are the teams heading back out there soon? >> yeah, good morning, martin. no major developments overnight. but as you mentioned, that scaled back the search team was scaled back overnight because of those heavy storm conditions. lots of snow up there hampering the search for chris dorner. there's helicopters that aren't able to fly. there's no aerial view of the search team. just really, really ba conditions. but as soon as the sun comes up this morning, search teams are
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expected to go back out there. they're really concentrating their search, martin in an 8-square-mile area in big bear two hours east of downtown los angeles. >> we'll continue to follow you throughout the morning, as well. thanks very much. and of course, stay with us as we continue to give you the latest on the blizzard, where it's going next. but also some of you are making the best out of being stuck at home. we'll have more of your ireports. can your longwear makeup last 'til five o'clock? it will if it's new outlast stay fabulous foundation. it's a primer, concealer and foundation in one for all day flawless skin. new outlast stay fabulous from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. google's backyard for the wbing it on challenge.. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox.
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4:16 am
george howell is keeping track of all the pictures, the videos sent in by our ireporters. what are you seeing from people living through this? >> you talk about connecticut. i want to start out on the lighter side of things. these images that people took just as the storm came in. look at abby and sophia here. in this big snowman. it's a lot bigger than them. that's how much snow fell there in connecticut. and, you know, that's what you see throughout the northeast. a lot of snow fell in a very short amount of time. and this morning, there will be a lot of kids, like abby and sophia who will have that ability to go out and make big snow men. that's pretty cool. i want to go to another image here. and this is sort of the situation you'll find in rochester, new york. upstate new york. these roads are rough, and it's going to be rougher this morning as people found several feet of snow that fell overnight. they'll wake up this morning, find that the town is the ghost town. nobody on the roads and it'll be
4:17 am
a lot of digging and shoveling out to get about. >> you can't have a camera every place, but they can supplement it with all of our friends out there. and it gives you a neighborhood feel. as they go through all the snow that continues to pile up here. >> yeah. >> thanks so much for bringing those to us and thanks to our viewers for sending them in. remember, don't take any risks trying to get us the video. moving on to another story now. hadiya pendleton will be buried in chicago today. we are taking a special look at the young life that ended all too soon.
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opening day looks a lock way away as it is appearing this morning in boston. hello there, everybody. we are continuing to watch the blizzard. more live reports coming up just ahead. in other news, michelle obama will attend today's funeral for hadiya pendleton, the student was gunned down a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. cnn's athena jones has more. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama is returning to her hometown to attend a funeral of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton. a bystander shot dead in a chicago park a week after she performed at the president's
4:22 am
inauguration. vice president biden memorialized the young honor student in remarks to house democrats. >> this was no ordinary child. she was a child who had used social media urging her friends to speak out. don't join gangs. and now she's gone. >> pendleton was killed a mile from the first family's home in chicago. a city facing an epidemic of gun violence. it's an issue president obama has raised numerous times including in a speech after newtown. >> as a nation, we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years. an elementary school in newtown, shopping mall in oregon, house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado, countless street corners and places in places like chicago and philadelphia. >> reporter: and in a video message last august. >> all of us have to make safer
4:23 am
streets our cause so the most challenging part of a kid's day is that algebra test and not the walk home from school. >> but some say the president should be doing more for his adoptive home. noted the president visited newtown two days after that shooting. and asked how many more children must die in chicago before the president does the same here? a call echoed by civil rights leader jesse jackson who wrote this message to the president on the website politic365. in this crisis, we need the president's leadership. come home, mr. president, your city needs you. cnn, washington. >> back to the blizzard now. we know that hartford, connecticut, is getting hard hit, especially by this blizzard. some spots have seen more than 30 inches of snow. meteorologist alexandra steele has been following all of that for us and she joins us now. hello, alexandra. >> hi, absolutely.
4:24 am
new haven county getting pounded, as well. here are some of the snow fall totals thus far in connecticut. and connecticut is beginning to wind down, western connecticut will wind down and move eastward. manchester, connecticut, 28 1/2, avon connecticut, as well. stores, 15 inches, hamden, 34, these are the big winners. incredible numbers there. and here's a picture of connecticut. we're watching the clearing from west to east, this is the litchfield hills. but where it's the bright white colors that's bright banding, that's where the snow was coming down in 2 and 3 inches per hour. it is all minimizing and moving eastward. but i-91 from hartford down to wallingford and all down the shoreline, all the moisture coming off the water allowing madison and brantford to get pummelled with between 25 and 30 inches of snow.
4:25 am
so we are going to see an end. new york city will end this morning, boston ends by this afternoon. and then maine will end by tonight. here's that area of low pressure moving out from early this afternoon. you can see 1:00, still, though, in southeast mass, the cape and the islands, as well. but even as we see this whole system push eastward, we're going to still have those winds. even though the snow will be done, certainly the problems in terms of blizzard-like conditions with all of the blowing of snow will certainly be a problem throughout the day. >> it certainly will. and that's why we'll stay in touch with you. thank you very much, alexandra steele. joining me now on the telephone from hartford, connecticut, is the mayor. and thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. thank you. >> how are you doing? how is your community doing? >> well, everybody's pretty much in their homes. we're asking everyone to just stay indoors. the governor as well as myself issued traffic ban, so there's
4:26 am
no driving on city and state roads. we've gotten over 2 feet of snow. we were doing our best last night to remove the snow as it fell, unfortunately, it got to a point where it was in excess of 4 inches per hour. our crews were not able to see where they were heading. we have to suspend operations. all those crews are back out there in full force working on our primary routes, which are the ones that provide us access to hospitals. we're going to continue to dig out during the weekend. just hope folks are patient with us and hope that people stay off the roads. >> what's your biggest concern going forward now? >> just the sheer volume of the snow. last time we had this amount of snow, it became very difficult to remove such large amounts of snow from the streets. we've hired some heavy equipment that we've contracted out in anticipation of these items
4:27 am
should be able to remove as much snow as possible. carting it away is a real challenge. and some of our streets don't lend themselves as well to do as effective cleaning as quickly as we would hope. but we're going to be out there in full force -- out there, crews are out there. so we'll just have to continue to work as hard as we can during the weekend and try to get back to normal. >> yeah. just by looking at these live images we've had up while you've been on the telephone, we don't see cars moving about. you must be pretty happy with that so far. the worry is that people will now think, oh, the worst has passed and get out on the road. >> yeah, and we're discouraging that. first of all, at this point, the conditions in our city for the roads are so bad that you're not going to get very far and risking getting stuck in traffic and you'll be towed and there's a fee associated with that. so the best thing for people to do is to stay indoors and not to drive around. the quicker that we get the
4:28 am
roads done, the quicker we can force people to have mobility. >> and just looking forward to monday morning, you think by then you ought to have a good handle on things? >> we're hoping, we're hoping, but it's a lot of snow out there. i've never seen so much snow fall so quickly at once. and we haven't had to suspend snow removal operations. so we've been able to sort of keep up with it. we got overwhelmed at one point and had to stop for several hours and of course, that increases the volume of snow that's currently on the street. >> all right. well, we've been talking with the mayor of hartford, connecticut, thank you, sir, for joining us, good luck to your city. >> thank you. >> we'll keep hoping the best. meanwhile, more than 1/2 million people will wake up today cold because the power is out. we are talking about a fair number of power outages. more than 650,000 people. more on that in a moment. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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